Bugs, Bites and Itching- Midges

Bugs, Bites and Itching-  Midges

"There seem to be more bugs around this year!" "I never used to get bitten like I do now"

"I want to protect my children and grandchildren from mozzie bites....and all the virus they carry" "Once I get bitten I cannot stop itching then it gets swollen and takes ages to go away"

"The flies are really bad around our area and I am sick of putting on DEET"  "One of my children gets bitten more than the others"

These are some of the comments customers have made this season when looking for a natural insect repellent. I am not sure it there is any science that confirms there are more insects about along the East Coast than previous years however have looked up some facts that may help.

Sandflies or Biting Midgies do actually bite exposed skins. They do not urinate on your skin as myth would have it. Oil based repellents work better than non oil based repellents as the tiny insects have short probis which may not get through the oil. The best protection is to wear long pants and long sleeved shirts which reduce the amount of skin exposed.

Mornings and evenings are fine time for sandflies, they do not like wind. Interestingly it is only the females that seek blood, the males are happy with saps from vegetation. The females can lay up to 100 eggs so that is why they need the blood burst before laying.

While they do not carry pathogens that are passed onto humans they can leave a nasty bite. Some people are more sensitive than others and will suffer weeping sores for up to weeks after being bitten.

For more info see the University of Sydney Department of Medical Entomology 

Cures - products and cures for relief from bites invites a plethora of ideas using things from the kitchen cupboard, laundry or even the shed. When you are in pain and torment reaching for Vegemite or Baking Soda can provide immediate relief, other products which soothe and reduce inflammation are also recommended.

People who live with midges can build up an immunity, however some of our customers report that this may decrease with age and health which makes sense. We also live in a highly populated area of midges and the build up to the full moon is always a time to cover up.

December and January are the months with the highest numbers of midges it seems. And as January has had two full moons, we have had at least 15 days of biting time, which could be the reason people think there are more midges about, and maybe there are with more breeding time for the biters.

This article from the Northern Territory provides a full moon warning to residents about midges and the full moon and a pest calendar. 

The Lemon Myrtle Fragrance Topical Spray provides relief from itching and the antiseptic benefits of the Tea Tree and Eucalyptus oils can reduce the infections.

Watch out for Natural Insect Repellents to be released soon on this website.


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