News — Mossie and Sandfly Buster

New Natural Tropical Strength Insect Repellent

New Natural Tropical Strength Insect Repellent 0

Peak Mozzie Season Now!

Lemon Myrtle Fragrances have produced long lasting, plant based insect repellents DEET free, scientifically proven to be effective and approved by the Australian Pesticide and Vetrinary Management Authority ( APVMA).

Natural Tropical Strength Mossie and Sandfly Repellent provides protection for all recreational activities, like sport,walking, cycling, climbing, camping, fishing, and golfing.

Effective in deterring biting insects.

Approved by APVMA 84234/109924

Made in Australia

DEET free and kind to skin

Unique plant based formulas in 2 sizes – 250 ml and handy 125 ml