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Uses for Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil

Uses for Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil 0

Lemon Myrtle Fragrance Oil is 100% Essential oil with a high citral
content over 96%. Please read instructions carefully.

All bottles come with one drop drippers to and should not be
decanted into other containers.


Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil is a natural cleaner with anti bacterial, anti fungal and germicidal benefits. Lemon Myrtle has a high proportion of citral, more than eucalyptus, tea tree and other Australian Natives. This makes Lemon Myrtle Essential oil one of the strongest antiseptic natural oils in the world. Research being conducted in Australian Universities provide us with many potential commercial uses, such as a cleaner where there are germs resistant to chemicals like Staphylococcus aureus,, and an anti fungal in the agricultural sector.

Use of lemon myrtle essential oil around the home is recommended as it is a natural cleaner, and you do not  need to use chemicals, plus you and your family have he benefit of the refreshing aroma of lemon myrtle. Surface cleaning especially now winter is coming on and there are more viruses around, if a family member is coughing and sneezing you may be able to reduce infection by keeping surfaces clean, and also using Lemon Myrtle Fragrances Air Freshener. 

Floor Cleaning: 1 bucket ( 10 litres) of hot water, 2 cups Vinegar and 6 Drops

Lemon Myrtle Fragrances Essential Oil. The vinegar is optional, the oil is an
effective cleaner on its own however if the surfaces are extra dirty vinegar will
make the cleaning easier.
Ring out the mop well and wash the floor. Dry off. Can be used on all surfaces
including tiles.
Do not mix with chemicals or other products especially chlorine based products.
Use separately from other commercial cleaning products.

Surface Cleaner: 2 cups (500 mls) Water, 125 mls Vinegar 6-10 Drops Lemon
Myrtle Essential Oil- this mixture can be used in a spray bottle, or
mixed with a bucket of water.
Warning: Do not allow direct contact with skin, if the skin is contacted
immediately rinse with water. Do not ingest, if the oil has been ingested rinse
out the mouth with water immediately and seek medical advice.
Avoid contact with strong acids, alkali or oxidizing agents.

Linen and Towels: 2-5 Drops in the Washing Machine - If you use Lemon Myrtle oil in the wash or the final rinse you will find your linen retains the great aroma for some washes, you can also be assured that the oil reduces bacteria and other germs. 

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New brochure with natural health beauty and household tips

New brochure with natural health beauty and household tips 0

This is not just an advertorial there is lots of info here about skin and natural skin products as well as the great benefits of lemon myrtle essential oil and some timely recipes for the home.

Open the online Lemon Myrtle Fragrance Brochure here 


Essential Lemon Myrtle Oil burning

Essential Lemon Myrtle Oil burning 0

Essential Lemon Myrtle Oil from Lemon Myrtle Fragrances has a very high citral content over 95% which is effective when burning in a little water.

Vapour can cleanse the air, refresh the bathroom, living areas, kitchen, sleeping areas and patio/verhandah. Visitors will leave with a lasting lemony memory. All natural room deodorizer.

 Lemon Myrtle Oil is versatile and can also be used in small quantities for cleaning you need only use what is required so the oil lasts and lasts.

 10 Drops in a 1 litre spray bottle

10 Drops in mops and buckets of water for the floor,

5 drops to the last rinse of linen and underwear in the washing machine.

5 Drops in the oil burner for room deodorizing.

We have specials on at the moment a free large white or black burner with every 50 ml Lemon Myrtle Oil.