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Natural Air Freshener

Lemon Myrtle Antibacterial Air Freshener 125ml and 250 ml -

a recipe free from nasties that is an instant deodoriser for the whole house. Lemon Myrtle provides an antibacterial affect which may disinfect the air and surfaces of your home. Suitable for use in households where there are allergies to chemicals. The lemon myrtle oil assists in reducing bacterias and viruses in the air and on surfaces, so if there are family members sneezing and coughing the airfreshener cleans the air and leaves a fresh spicy lemony aroma.

Lemon Myrtle Oil - a strong cleaner will remove dirt from surfaces when mixed with vinegar, highly aromatic and refreshing, a few drops will do in a bucket. Stubborn dirt can be removed from tiles, linoleum and timber floors without damage. The aroma penetrates timber surfaces so is highly suitable for outdoor and indoor benches and table tops. The affect of the oil is highly cleansing, aroma is calming and rejuvenating when used in a burner, the fragrance lingers for hours. 

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