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The SoapMan Soap - Australian Botanic Oils Soap CDU of 24


Bulk Natural Soap buy is a good way to be sure you do not run out of a favourite family soap. Due to a delay in production, all CDU 24 soaps will come in a plain white box.

Lemon Myrtle or Backhousia Citriodoria essential oil is harvested on the original Lemon Myrtle Fragrances farm and has a unique aroma. Great for the whole family the spicy lemon is enduring and safe for sensitive skin. Of course lemon myrtle has strong anti bacterial and anti fungal qualities which assist in cleaning up minor irritations and skin problems.

Lemon Myrtle and Goats Milk Soap is preferred by many customers for an extra moisturising and a gentle wash.

Rosalina or Lavender Tea Tree - the natural habitat for Ericafolia is along the coasts of NSW. This  oil has a distinctive gentle aroma and is anti bacterial and anti fungal without killing of everything that is good on the skin.

Broadleaf Peppermint - Eucalyptus Dives comes from the original area for Eucalyptus farms established in the early 1900s. Recommended for use by boaters, gardeners and mechanics.

Tea Tree or Melaleuca Alternafolia is a popular Australian Tea Tree essential oil which is a favourite for the pleasant aroma and cleansing properties.

Find our full ingredients list here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jan Carnes

I love your Lemon Myrtle soap. It's the only soap I have used for many many years. I have oily skin but other soaps leave my skin flaky and dry. Lemon Myrtle doesn't. A wonderful product. I buy it in bulk.

Sarah Garnsey
Amazing products

Once again great product and great delivery. Wouldn't use any other soap.

Ray Woods
Ray Woods

Lemon myrtle is the only soap that I use it also does not leave a scum on the shower floor that needs to be removed.

Phil van Schouwen
Lemon Myrtle Soap

Have been using this product for many years now - loved it when we first got it, still love it. Delivery is fast as per usual.

Gayle Harrington
Best ever

So prompt with my order, and no hassles. This is the best soap I have ever used. I have eczema and this is the ONLY soap that works for me. I even wash my hair with it! I can highly recommend this, and I won't stop using it!