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About Us

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“Hard work and dedication and perseverance and determination got this business to where it is today, word of mouth being the best advertising.”

Roger & Eileen Bird


Lemon Myrtle Fragrances provides naturally good personal care and cleaning products for all the family and in the home, using 100% Australian Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil and other Australian native botanical oils. 

Lemon Myrtle Fragrances is an Australian family owned business established by the Bird Family around the 1990s.  The business originated in northern NSW when Roger and Eileen Bird and family planted one of the first Lemon Myrtle plantations and started selling soap at markets. The family worked tirelessly with manufacturers to produce personal care and household products focusing on natural formulas using plant derived ingredients and away from “the more popular at the time” animal, petrochemical and synthetic ingredients.

Lemon Myrtle Fragrance products are free from Sodium Laurel Sulphate, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, aluminium, parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oils, artificial fragrances and colours. 

Our products are not tested on animals, and mostly, use plant derived ingredients.  The exceptions are our Lip Balm which contains nourishing beeswax; and The Soapman Goats Milk Lemon Myrtle Soap containing Goats Milk and preferred by many customers for its creamy richness.

Proudly Australian owned, Lemon Myrtle Fragrances supports:

  • Farmers – we buy our oil and leaf directly from some of the original Lemon Myrtle plantations established in the early days of the industry
  • Small family business – our products are made for us exclusively by our contract manufacturers, who are all family run businesses - pioneers and leaders in their fields. Further, most of our re-sellers are small family businesses.
  • Small country towns – from primary producers to manufacturers to national re-sellers, the large majority of our supply chain is based in small communities and, though we are small, we are committed to championing the support of these communities - so essential to the continued development of our country.

In 2014 Lemon Myrtle Fragrances and The Soapman joined forces when Roger and Eileen Bird decided it was time to pursue other life interests and Michael and Maria Pickles, who shared the same strong commitment to producing natural products good for the health and environment, bought Lemon Myrtle Fragrances.  The Pickles continued to drive the fundamental philosophy of the business:

  • Sourcing natural, sustainable, mostly Australian ingredients
  • Working with manufacturers to create high quality, long lasting products produced to cosmetic standards, in Australia
  • Ensuring products are cruelty free
  • Offering our valued customers a luxury range at an affordable price
  • Using recyclable packaging materials

"We loved the products so much, we bought the business!"

 Acquired by the de Pagter family in 2018, we are proud to continue the traditions and customs established by both the Bird and Pickles families.

"It is our belief, when you learn something from people, it is a gift and it is essential that the learning is preserved and built upon". 

We are Kerry and Peter de Pagter, supported on this journey by our children Cassi and Ben, and we are committed to preserving the heritage which is Lemon Myrtle Fragrances.  

One of the things we value most when talking with customers, is hearing how they have loved and used the product for years, just like us.  As Roger said “word of mouth is the best advertising.”.

We were introduced to the brand about 15 years ago and have been regular Lemon Myrtle Fragrance soap users and absolute converts to the whole range ever since.  When we heard Michael and Maria were thinking of moving on, we knew this was our future.

Our focus for Lemon Myrtle Fragrances is to continue the hard work and dedication and perseverance and determination already invested to build this business to where it is today.

We look forward to continuing to delight customers for years to come with the range of products we have all come to love.  We are also keen to:

  • explore new products we can introduce
  • share our thoughts and ideas and most importantly,
  • hear from our customers about the products you want to see and ways Lemon Myrtle Fragrances can and does help you.