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5 ways to keep your dogs safe while travelling

May 22, 2022 3 min read

5 ways to keep your dogs safe while travelling

Travelling with your pet/s can be super fun for both your family and for your adventurous pets, but the car rides aren't always the fun bits. Like the rest of your family members, you have to make sure that your fur babies are comfortable and safe throughout the whole travelling journey, so, if you're planning on taking your dogs on a road trip, here are 5 ways to keep your dog happy and safe while travelling:

(1) Visit your dog's vet

If this is your dog's first road trip, or if you've had any issues on previous trips, you'll want to make sure your dog is prepared for the long drive, so a visit with your dog's veterinarian is a great first step to ensure your pet is travel-ready. Your vet can advise what are the necessities to prepare for your dog like anti-nausea or stress-reducing aids. You don't know what you don't know, so make sure you ask your vet! A car-sick or stressed-out dog is the last thing you want on your road trip! 
PLUS make sure your registration is up to date, and that your dog is mircrochipped to the correct address! 

Visiting the vet before travelling

(2) Pack your dog's essentials

Like us, our dogs have travel necessities, too! Prepare all your pup's travel essentials like treats, water, toys, medicines, biodegradable poop bags, feeding bowls, and other supplies to life easier for you all. Have a designated pooch bag, that you keep all their essentials in, so you know where to easily find them. If you're looking for great toys and and healthy treats, Let's Pawty's website has some great finds! 

(3) Freshen up your dog

Before your trip, make sure that your dog is in tip top condition and feeling their best. Nothing worse than a smelly dog in the car! Bath them with our Natural Lemon Myrtle Dog Shampoo and our The SoapMan Soap.100% safe on animals, and these products will leave your dog's fur and skin clean, smelling fresh and silky soft while travelling. Also, they have antibacterial and antifungal properties which your dog definitely needs while you're away from home. Take them with you and keep them in your designated pooch bag, because an unexpected roll in something yukky can really cause some unpleasant, lingering odours! 

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(4) Make sure that your dog has an identifier

To prepare for the worst case scenario where you accidentally lose your pet while travelling, it's vital that your dog has an identifier. At the very least, a collar with an ID tag with your mobile number engraved on it, so that someone could reach you in case that happens is important. You can also get a Pet GPS or a tracker to help with these stressful situations. If the unthinkable did in fact happen, make sure to join the local Facebook community groups where you're travelling, and the pets lost and found groups, they can be super helpful. 

(5) Secure your dog correctly, or use a pet carrier

Did you know, there are LAWS around how your pet travels in your vehicle?
In NSW you can be fined $448 and lose three demerit points if your dog causes you not to be in full control of the vehicle – this includes your dog sitting on your lap while driving or unrestrained in the back of a ute or van.

Read this blog for an overview of what the laws are in each state. 

  • Avoid putting your dog on the front passenger seat as inflating air bags may cause serious harm or even kill them. 
  • You risk voiding your insurance if an unrestrained dog in your car contributes to an accident. 

The best thing you can do for yourself and for your pet’s safety is to ensure they are always secured when travelling inside your car or on the back of a ute.

Many dogs are actually happier in a purpose-built pet carrier. Include a comfortable bed and a toy, and your dog will relax and sleep for much of the driving. YOUR focus should be on the driving ONLY.

Before you embark on a long road trip, test out a few short trips in the months and weeks prior to your road adventure, and stop regularly for toilet breaks and refreshments. 

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