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Where we are

Market Life

There’s a rhythm to life on market day, a succession of ordinary routines, each completed with eager anticipation of the day ahead…. gazebo and tables setup, products laid out in thoughtful display – sequenced, as one would use them… testers prepared, tea candles lit under the oil burner, to encourage the uplifting and energising fragrance of the Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil to slowly permeate its way across the market through the morning, drawing customers in pursuit of its origins. 

Moisturiser, generously offered to passers-by eager to partake in the market ritual, is meditatively massaged into hands, arms and faces, participants soaking in the sensory experiences, both of touch and smell, and the wonderment when the sample is fully absorbed, provoking memories of a lemon scent from years past and the acknowledgement that one’s skin is left feeling luxuriously silky.

Stopping to view the other treasures, the triple milled soap entices, the shampoo and conditioner nourishes, and the insect repellents stand by proudly, eager to protect and relieve as required.  All products, proudly developed and produced to cleanse, care and nurture, take centre stage for the duration.

Customers linger over the displays, choose their favourite products and engage in some repartee, often savouring a sample of a product not tried before.  A flurry of information is exchanged about the value the product brings to life, often other customers revelations - of how this helped them or ways they have used the products - inspire the convert to try the various applications and another customer retreats, again enchanted with their purchase.

The rhythm of the day continues, until, time is spent, and the ordinary routines of the morning are engaged in reverse, each completed with either contentment or consternation – depending on the day’s accomplishment, until each element is packed, in waiting for the next market day.

For the success of the day is not always measured by the takings, but rather by our ability to engage with and delight our shoppers, lift the spirits of those when needed knowing tomorrow is another day and we can retire for the night feeling fulfilled – we worked hard today, and tomorrow is another day.