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6 Benefits of Buying Australian Made Products this Christmas

November 21, 2023 5 min read

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With Christmas right around the corner, many of us are trying to think of gifts ideas that our friends and family will love. But how about ones that the world will love, too? 

In recent years the topics of natural and eco-friendly products have been very popular to ensure the best for people and our planet. But what if we told you there was a very simple way to shop ethically this Christmas that only required you to look for a little green logo? That’s right, it’s with Australian made products!

First, why does it even matter where something is made?

The main reasons arequality and safety regulations andeconomic impact. Some countries, like Australia, have strict legislation and environmental protection policies for the production process, meaning you are assured quality products that don’t harm the environment through excessive waste pollution. However, not all places have these same precautions, requiring you to do extra research to ensure you are not supporting the continuation of harmful practices on both our environment and workers. A report published by australianmade.com.au states: 

“Australia has high safety and quality standards which are set in law (this means they have to be followed), so products and produce that have been manufactured or grown locally must meet these standards.” 

Meaning buying Australian-made products reduces the time and effort you have to put in to ensuring the products you buy align with your values, giving you more time to focus on the fun part: finding gifts that will make your loved ones light up brighter than your Christmas tree!

In terms of our economy, Australian Made provides a clear link between it and products made in Australia, writing:

When you buy Australian products, the value you spend stays in Australia.” 

This means that you’re supporting Australian jobs and helping increase employment rates for Australians, as Australian run companies need to employ more local people if their sales increase. These companies then have to pay tax to the Government, meaning “there is more money to spend on things like hospitals, sporting facilities and schools”, increasing the overall wellbeing and longevity of our country.

In fact, the Australian Parliament House reports that:

“An independent report completed for the Industry Capability Network (ICN) shows that for every $1m of retained manufacturing business:

  •  A further $985,000 of value-added is generated.

  •  $333,900 of tax revenue is generated.

  • $95,000 worth of welfare benefits is saved.

  • 10 full-time jobs are created or saved.”

This means that if every Australian spends only $10 more each week on Australian made products or services, 100,000 new jobs would be created and Australia would earn approximately $4 billion every year. Talk about a great gift!

But what about the rest of the world?

  • The less we buy from unethical manufacturing and production practices, the less revenue they make, meaning they are unable to sustain their work and have to close down. This gives companies more incentive to follow sustainable manufacturing practices as they identify what will most likely get them more money.

  • Buying locally reduces the carbon footprint generated by manufacturing products around the world. It wastes energy and resources manufacturing and sending products globally, especially when they can be made on-shore here in Australia. The smaller our carbon footprint, the less greenhouse gas is released into our atmosphere, reducing the detrimental impact it has on our globe, no matter our country of origin. 

  • Increased global economic circulation from ethical practices. The more Australians with jobs, the more money families are able to have to go on holidays overseas, helping the global tourism industry and the sharing of authentic culture. This benefits the global economy without sacrificing our human right to sustainable and safe working conditions.

Quality and safety and economic impact are our first two benefits of buying Australian made products this Christmas, so let’s summarise them and get into some more!

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  • Quality and Safety Standards

Whilst the Australian Government cannot control foreign labour standards, it can control its own, resulting in strict policies and legislation that ensure products manufactured in Australia are of a certain standard. You can read more about Australian legislation here.

  • Support the Economy

Buying Australian made products directly supports the Australian economy with increased jobs and better tax benefits such as more hospitals and schools. It also indirectly increases the global economy through more ethical economic circulation.

  • Product Traceability + Less Hidden Nasties 

Products manufactured in Australia are more easily traced, so you can ensure there are no hidden ingredients that may harm you. For example, our products contain natural, plant based ingredients, and we use 100% pure Essential Oils in our range. Check out our FAQ page to see our transparency when answering some of your biggest questions.

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  • Lower Costs 

Manufacturing in Australia reduces the costs of transport and importing taxes, generally making the product cheaper to produce in Australia when regarding these added costs.

  • Fair treatment of workers

Similar to the environmental legislation, Australia has high standards for workplace health and safety enforced by regulation. This is not the case in all countries, with many violating human rights and legal regulations with excessive working hours and pay well below minimum wage. Buying Australian made products means you’re investing in our workers health and wellbeing as regulation is much more strict and ethical here, and you’re simultaneously reducing the support of these horrific working conditions in other countries.

  • Easier Warranty and Return Policy

When you buy imported items, they are usually harder to return or get the warranty for due to time differences and reduced communication, which is not ideal in the midst of the holiday rush. Buying Australian made products usually means quality customer service is more easily accessible and cheaper, consisting of a phone call or quick drive. Warranties are also much easily upheld in their country of origin, and under the Australian Consumer Law here, when you buy any product or service they have to come with an automatic guarantee that they will work and do what you asked for, meaning you can shop stress free. With our return policy, we will provide you with a store credit within 14 days of delivery for unopened products even if you just change your mind. You can also read our terms and conditions here.

How do you know if you’re buying Australian made products? 

Look for the green triangle with the gold kangaroo - the official Australian Made, Australian Grown logo. Businesses (like us) will proudly show it, so if you’re finding it hard to identify, they probably aren’t producing Australian made products.

You can also use australianmade.com.au to search and find certified Australian made products online.




By buying Australian made products for Christmas this year, you're not just giving your friends and family quality gifts, but also giving the gift of a better future for our entire globe.