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4 Natural gift ideas for Christmas

December 13, 2021 3 min read

4 Natural gift ideas for Christmas

Ho ho ho ... we're in full swing of the festive season and it's such a joyous time of the year! 

After the uncertainty of the last two years, this year more than every it's important to remember SELF CARE!

Treat yourself and your family with something that's natural and useful every day. Gifts that are practical, long-lasting, support local growers and producers, eco-friendly and won't harm your skin or the environment are the best ones. They're gifts made with love, and given with love. With that in mind, we've compiled some natural gift ideas that you can gift to your friends and family this year and put a smile on everyone's faces!

(1) Natural Insect Repellent


There's been a surge in mosquito numbers here in Australia as reported by ABC NEWS Australia. The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation warns us all to be more vigilant, especially now that some parts of the country are currently experiencing a super wet La Niña summer. 

To keep your loved ones safe both inside and outside their homes, give them our Lemon Myrtle Fragrances Natural Insect Repellent. It has natural ingredients, and it's APVMA (Australian Pesticide & Veterinary Management Authority) tested and approved. No petrochemicals, so it's safe to use. Not only that, it's effective for up to 4 hours of protection, so you don't need to reapply as often. 

Grab yours now! Click here to find more information about our Natural Insect Repellent.  

We also sell them in Perfect Gift Boxes, so you don't need to wrap them yourself. Check out our collection of Gift Boxes here.

(2) Natural Hand Sanitiser


Lemon Myrtle Fragrances Natural Hand Sanitiser kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria, and is also extra hydrating. 

Good news! It's on SALE right now until the end of December, so go ahead and grab yours now while stocks last. Just $15.00 (original price is $25.00) Shop here - only while stocks last!

(3) Home care essentials


Check out our Lemon Myrtle Fragrances Natural Linen Mist. It's one of our newest products, and it's already a crowd favourite because of its calming and relaxing effects. Spray onto pillowcases and sheets to refresh in between washes and to send you off to sleep. For more information about our Natural Linen Mist, click here.

You can also check out our other Home Care range here.

(4) Pet Care


If you're planning to give a gift to a pet lover, our Natural Lemon Myrtle Fragrances Dog Shampoo perfect! It's antibacterial and antifungal with the additional benefits of an organic aloe vera base and herbal extracts. It soothes the skin irritated by grass seeds, insect bites and minor skin conditions like dog eczema and dermatitis. Grab yours here.

There are plenty of gift ideas that you can give someone this festive season, and always make sure you choose natural, practical and useful whenever possible! Check out other natural home care, pet care, personal hygiene products, insect repellents, and essential oils that you can give a loved one, head over to our website www.lemonmyrtlefragrances.com.au for more options. Also remember the Australia Post and Aramex's cut-off dates for Christmas so you don't miss out - we can still send EXPRESS for a few more days yet! 

Australia Post and Aramex Christmas cut-off dates 2021

Have a jolly festive season,
Love, the Lemon Myrtle Fragrances family 💚💛