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5 ways to prioritise your wellness in 2024

January 12, 2024 4 min read

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January is, unsurprisingly, ‘Get a Balanced Life Month’. Most definitely sparked by the start of a new year, the end of celebrations and the return to normal life, it’s not uncommon to think January is the start of having it all. But how many years have you found your goals and resolutions crumble within the first few weeks? Don’t get us wrong, we know everyone has the greatest intentions when it comes to the new year, and we ourselves have set goals and lost the ability to prioritise them too. But we deserve to have a balanced life span of more than a singular month. So how can we actually prioritise our wellness this year?

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  • Make habits, not resolutions

Some common resolutions include spending time with family, reading more, or getting fit. And whilst these are amazing intentions, the issue usually comes in the execution of them, as we try to change our lifestyle overnight. For example, to get fit we say we’ll go to the gym five times a week, but if you haven’t stepped foot in a gym in years, this is wildly unattainable for the majority of people.

This is why setting small goals and building habits is important. If your overarching goal truly is to go to the gym five times a week, then have a smaller goal to go once a week for the first month. Finding one spare time in your schedule is a lot better than trying to find five straight away, and it is so much easier to fight a lack of motivation once a week than almost daily! After a month, your new small goal can be to go twice a week, slowly building the habit so at the end of the year, you can find yourself going to the gym without thought. If you want to learn more about building habits, we recommend reading this, but the general idea is to build your actions up over time, allowing you to prioritise your goals without thought.

A quick tip with any goal is to reframe it to focus on the feeling rather than the action. This way it’ll be more motivating, assisting your wellbeing as you’re not wrestling with yourself daily or feeling like you failed when you can’t prioritise it. With our above examples, you might focus on feeling more connected with family, allowing the time you already share to be more valuable rather than spending more time with them. Instead of reading a set number of pages or books, read for five minutes when you wake up or have your morning beverage to help your brain focus and feel clearer. As for the gym goal, prioritise having more energy or feeling stronger, not hitting that particular number each week.

  • Set boundaries 

One of the biggest ways to prioritise your wellness is to set boundaries. This is a form of self-care, and allows you to sustain healthy relationships and prevent burnout. There are many types of boundaries you can put in place, and may change with friends, family and/or work, but you must always remember you are deserving to put any and all boundaries in place. Boundaries are how you show respect to yourself, and if someone or something in your life doesn’t respect the boundaries you put in place, then it is your right to walk away from them.

  • Take care of your body

Our mental health is so important, but it can’t be sustained in the long term without strong physical health. Making sure you are moving your body every day in some way, sleeping enough and staying hydrated should be your foundational priorities for your wellbeing this year, making you feel better mentally as well as physically. 

Taking care of your skin is also crucial to supporting your long-term wellbeing. Wearing sunscreen and moisturising your skin daily with natural products (just like the lemon myrtle products sell) will protect your skin from UV rays, premature ageingand has additional benefits that help you in both the short and long-term. To start your physical wellness journey, we recommend our Face Care Bundle, which has naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory 100% pure Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil that can be used on sensitive and young skin. The natural lemon myrtle scent is known to help to invigorate and energise the skin and the user, giving you a refreshing start to the day to help you smash the rest of your wellness goals!

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  • Practise gratitude

Another way to prioritise your wellness is to practise gratitude. This might be through keeping a gratitude journal, or getting your family to say what you’re all grateful for at dinner each night, whatever works for you! The impact of even the smallest method of active gratitude improves your daily mindset, makes it easier to get through hard times, and allows you to see the beauty in the small moments, making you more present in life.

  • Get outside

Our final tip is to get outside. Whether that is sitting down in the sun or going for a walk, the benefits are all impactful on your overall wellness, bettering your mood, clearing your head and making you feel more energised. You could even try to make it a more beneficial experience by inviting a loved one or watching the sunrise or set. You’ll probably find that when the fresh breeze and warm sun are on you, everything gets put into perspective a bit more, renewing your purpose and creativity. Remember the importance of Lemon Myrtle Fragrances Natural Insect Repellent - have it on you at all times! 

Let us know your goals for the year and if you’ll be implementing any of these tips in your life to prioritise your wellbeing!