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Spring must-haves!

September 01, 2022 3 min read

Spring must-haves

Spring has officially sprung, and doesn't the air feel different?!! It may not be time just yet to get out the sunfrocks and flip flops, but it's definitely time to prepare your spring must-have's to prepare your skin for the warmer months. Before we tell you about four of our absolute must-have's, let's talk about why SPRING is everyone's favourite season!! Is it yours, too? 

Summer, Winter, and Autumn all give us unique treats, but spring is the most loveable of the four seasons. 

Spring marks the end of winter and is the transitional period to a sometimes-super-hot summer. 
Days get longer, nights get shorter ... star gazing gets more enjoyable! Daylight Saving Time, which moves the clock forward excites us all, gives you even more light hours to get things done and enjoy BBQs with friends, and walks with the dog after work. FUN FACT: In 2017, a UK study found that the more birds people could see in their neighbourhoods, the better their mental health.

Spending 30 minutes or more outside in warm, sunny spring weather helps lift your mood and also helps with better memory. Oh, and as the flu season ends, and sniffles and colds go away, we can get our vitamins naturally! Sunlight triggers our bodies to produce vitamin D, which keeps our bones strong. 

Oh SPRING, how happy we are that you've sprung! 

Here's our list of 4 must-have's for healthier more protected skin;

Insect Repellent

With warmer weather and more frequent rain, mosquitoes are in plentiful supply! It's seriously important to always have an insect repellent with you, and our Natural Lemon Myrtle Insect Repellent is the perfect companion to protect you and your loves ones from mosquitoes, sandflies, midges, ticks, leeches, and other insects. It's available in both 125ml and 250ml, so you can carry one wherever you go! Perfect for your handbag or glove compartment, or backpack or carry-on if you're travelling. Shop them here!

Natural Lemon Myrtle Insect Repellent


Whatever the season, your face, hands, and body needs moisturising. It protects and nourishes your skin cells, making them smoother and healthier, and our natural Lemon Myrtle Moisturiserhas an organic base of aloe vera and macadamia oil that has a similar ph to the skin, so it soaks in and works to improve the skin's resistance to drying, cracking and scratches. Get yours here!

Natural Lemon Myrtle Moisturiser

Lip Balm

Dry, cracked lips are awful, as well as being awfully painful! Make it a habit to moisturise your lips with our delightful Lemon Myrtle Lip Balm, so you'll have smooth, luscious lips all day! Our customers tell us how much they love this balm not only because it feels great on the lips, but also because it's long lasting. PLUS, our Lip Balm can be used as a cuticle balm, and can also sooth grazes and scratches. It's truly amazing! And we're not bias 😉! Try it for yourself here!

Lemon Myrtle Lip Balm

Body & Hand Wash

If you're travelling in the September school holidays, or perhaps just having a spring break, our Natural Lemon Myrtle Body & Hand Wash is the perfect travel companion! It's antibacterial and is soap-free! It also comes as a 500ml refill, so you're helping the environment with less packaging, at the same time as treating your body with the best natural hand and body wash ... so many uses in one! Shop yours now!

Natural Body & Hand Wash Refill

Have you checked out our clearance page lately? You can shop some of the products that you love at a fraction of the price here! Our clearance section is changing all the time, as we offer what's close to its expiry date with massive savings. These products are absolutely perfect to use for many more months, so such a great way to try something new! Happy SPRING!