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Versatile Lemon Myrtle Body and Handwash

August 13, 2019 1 min read

Versatile Lemon Myrtle Body and Handwash

Soap Free Body and Hand Wash in a 250 ml Short Pump

High quality natural essential oils have been used with an organic base of Aloe to make a product safe for most skin types.

Leaves the skin clean with the fresh spicy aroma of lemon myrtle.

Great for all ages.

Gentle Soap free formula.

One word describes this product: Versatile. Use as a shower gel, hand wash or take it in the camp shower for use all over the body, including the hair.
Directions: Use a small amount on a loofah, sponge or hands under the shower. Add to running water into the bath for luxuriant bubbles without stripping the skin of natural oils. Use by the sink as a general hand cleanser, only a small amount at a time, usually 1-2 pumps.


With feedback we received from customers, the decision was made to change from an Elbow Pump, to the current Short Pump. People were finding the formula was getting stuck in the long elbow of the old design. Now with the Short Pump, you get more use and less waste with the product. If you find that the product still gets stuck, simply run the head of the bottle under hot water for 30 seconds, and that should soften the solution. 

Please give us your feedback on the current pump!

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