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Why you should check if your insect repellent is APVMA approved

January 19, 2021 3 min read

Why you should check if your insect repellent is APVMA approved

Your skin is your largest organ, and one of your first lines of defence against infections. But sometimes your skin needs a little help. With the arrival of warm weather comes mosquitos, and with them come the annoying buzzing and itching from their bites. 

Lemon Myrtle Fragrance's insect repellents are all APVMA approved

Lemon Myrtle Fragrances  insect repellents are APVMA approved. As a household insecticide, they're registered for personal household use for pest control (mosquitos, namely). Containing active constituents Citronella, Tea Tree, Lemon Myrtle and Eucalyptus oils, Lemon Myrtle Fragrances insect repellents are completely safe for household use, and pet friendly too. In this post, we’ll go over who APVMA are, what they do and how to check if your household chemicals are APVMA approved.

Who are the APVMA and what do they do?

In Australia, it is illegal to sell an insect repellent which is not registered with the APVMA. The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) are a statutory agency responsible for the regulation and subsequent management of agricultural and veterinary chemical products.

The  APVMA is responsible for the retail sale, importing, and exporting of these chemicals and medicines. They ensure these agricultural and veterinary chemicals are in line with the responsibilities described in the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Act of 1992 and the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code Act of 1994. As the national regulator of these chemicals, APVMA ensures Australians have access to safe and effective chemicals to control pests and diseases on animals and plants.

Lemon Myrtle Fragrances' all natural insect repellent is animal friendly

Agricultural and veterinary chemicals are regulated to manage the risks of pests and diseases in the community. APVMA serves to protect the health and safety of animals, humans, and the environment. Agricultural chemicals (such as mosquito repellent and other insect repellents) contain active constituents. This is known as the substance in a product responsible for its biological or chemical effect. Active constituents and the product containing them must be approved under section 14 or 14A of the Agvet Code. In our insect repellents, the essential oils that make our repellents effective qualify as active constituents.

Products already  regulated by the APVMA include:

- Commercial and farm pesticides, including insecticides, biocides, herbicides, and vertebrae baits

- Personal, domestic, and commercial insect repellents

- Pool sanitation chemicals

Why this certification is important

The APVMA has the power to recall products that are seen as defective or do not comply with the regulations set. Ensuring the quality and safety of chemicals in the marketplace that comply with current legislation is essential. Part of the regulation APVMA sets requires them to execute regular chemical reviews. These serve to determine if the chemical still does the job it's expected and designed to do. If it's unsafe to use, they have the power to activate recalls. This chemical review may involve a product reassessment or analyse a need for a recall, identifying and eliminating any potential safety risk. A permit, however, may enable an unregistered chemical to be used in limited circumstances.

As a result, APVMA may cancel the registration of the product, and employ regulatory action, such as an imposition of conditions in the way in which the chemical product is used. Ensuring the quality and safety of chemicals in the marketplace and complying with relevant regulations is essential.

All our bug repellents are APVMA approved and safe to use around kids and pets

How to find out if a product you're using is APVMA approved

Before buying a chemical product, always ensure it is registered with the APVMA. Registered products will display the APVMA registration number on the label. Beware of buying from unfamiliar suppliers, as unregistered products are illegal and can be dangerous. Check with sellers overseas and online to ensure products are registered when purchasing.

Alternatively, you can find out if a product is registered through  PubCRIS, or the Public Chemical Registration Information System Search. If the product has been issued a minor use permit, it can be identified through the permits database.

PubCRIS provides details on the product name, registering company, active constituents, and product category. Once located in the PubCRIS, you will also be able to view the product's label. Otherwise, products available under a  minor use permit for off-label use can also be located here. Search the name of the product or active chemical by the permit number if known, the crop or animal being treated, or the purpose you need to manage.

Not all insect repellents are created equal. You could go for ones with DEET and harsher chemicals, or opt for an all natural insect repellent such as  our range. But one thing is certain, no matter which you choose, always check if your insect repellent has been approved by the APVMA.For more information, visit our  Insect Repellent page.