Best face wash with natural ingredients and lemon myrtle

Best face wash with natural ingredients and lemon myrtle

Choosing a face wash these days can be a conflicting decision these days. There are so many formulas and brands these days that you could easily be confronted with over 30 choices in front of you at the supermarket, pharmacy or health food store.

What makes the best face wash depends on your personal preferences and your skin, many more people are reporting that they have reactions to chemicals in facial products, and sensitive skin issues as a result. The recipe with natural ingredients and very little preservatives and essential oils is proving the best mix, the Natural Antibacterial Foaming Face Cleanser has been tested and improved over the last 10 years to provide you with a wash that will effectively clean the skin of oil, dirt, pollution and what ever is in the environment that clogs the pores. Cleansing with the wash morning and evening can improve the health of your skin, as it is less likely to strip the natural oils and natural bacteria and leave the skin dry.

There are no harsh chemicals and the skin is left soft and supple ready for moisturising.

You probably already know how to wash your face and do not need to see this video, we have posted to reinforce that a gently wash is best that does not damage the skin with too much pressure or rubbing.

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  • Maria Pickles
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