Tween & Teen Trio - Lemon Myrtle Fragrances


Tween & Teen Trio

What's inside this Tween & Teen Trio?

It's important to start cleansing with natural products from a young age to teach good habits from the very beginning! Help your kids to have glowing and healthy and protect them from unnecessary chemicals found in other products that can eventually do more harm than good to your skin.

Buy our teen and tween start pack consisting of foaming face cleanser, face and body mist, face moisturiser PLUS a konjac sponge (green or black - the colour will be a surprise!)

Which order do we need to follow for the best results? 

  1. Cleanse
  2. Tone
  3. Moisturise

Natural Lemon Myrtle Foaming Face Cleanser - 150mL

New gentle natural cleanser is recommended for washing away makeup, pollution, excess oil without depleting the skin of natural oils. This recipe contains organic ingredients and natural essential oils provided in an easy-to-use pack without waste and lasts well. A generous 150 ml will last for months when used once or twice daily.

Natural Lemon Myrtle Face & Body Mist - 125mL

To refresh and recharge through the day, spray onto face and neck, back of neck, wrists, elbows and back of knees to cool the body and feel rejuvenated. 

Natural Lemon Myrtle Face Moisturiser - 100mL

This extra hydrating facial moisturiser recipe has been designed to hydrate, refresh and repair the skin, especially when you are looking for a nightly application to give your face a boost. The natural oils sink in and nourish the skin, reducing spots and ageing processes. You can also use in the morning after cleansing to nourish and protect your skin for the day.

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