What does Chemical Free Mean? - Lemon Myrtle Fragrances

What does Chemical Free Mean?

Our business has been producing chemical free cleansers, moisturisers, deodorisers and insect protection since 1990. We provide customers with a full list of ingredients for each as part of our policy for truth in packaging, and so that customers can check for contents which they may find irritating or harmful.

Knowledge about use of chemicals in the cosmetic industry has grown in the last 25 years, many more people are aware of the effects of the long term use of chemicals over a life span and are consciously avoiding as much as possible products that have ingredients that will deplete the skin of natural oils. Now there is a plethora of information about natural skin and household products, not all of this is reliable and some has inflated the stories about chemicals with the words toxic and dangerous. We promote chemical free where possible to give our customers the best chance of avoiding skin issues and include ingredients that nourish the skin which helps resist diseases. 

For example moisturisers are made from a base of macadamia oil which has been found to strengthen, cleanse and nourish the skin while letting the pores breathe. 

We do not include any of the 12 compounds listed  by Naturalhealthyconcepts.com. in cleansers and instead use plant derived ingredients to create products that will still lather and cleanse without stripping the skin. 


We use some organic ingredients where possible, and note that many organic labelled products contain a percentage of non organic and sometimes petro chemicals.

 Palm Oil sourced from RSPO approved suppliers is used only in our soaps. Note that soap makes up less than 1% of all the Palm Oil used in Australia in food and other products. Lemon Myrtle Fragrance soaps include Palm Oil on the ingredients, while you may find other manufacturers are still using the term Vegetable Oil which is mostly palm oil unless specifically stated it is otherwise such as Olive Oil, Coconut Oil etc.

 If you find a product ingredient and would like to know why it is used or more about the product please contact us on email or using a contact form, we are happy to help and to respond to customer needs.