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Hacks & Hints


  • Lemon Myrtle Fragrances soap is an efficient and effective way to keep your linen closet smelling good and reduce insects. Buy your Lemon Myrtle Fragrances soap in bulk, place it in the linen closet between your sheets, towels and pillow cases and not only do they smell fabulous when you use them, the soap dries further so they last longer.
  • LMF soap is also wonderful to use in the laundry. As a stain remover, particularly on oil and grease stains, grate Lemon Myrtle Fragrances soap (about 10 gm into a litre of warm water, stir till it dissolves) allow it to cool and then use on stains – rub in, allow to soak and then wash normally.  (Always patch test first on an inconspicuous spot)
  • LMF Air Freshener – the Air Freshener is also a great cleaner for hard surfaces. Simply spray onto hard surfaces such as kitchen, bathroom and laundry benches, and wipe clean.  Especially good for cleaning soap scum from glass shower screens and tiles in the shower. Also great for spot cleaning on hard floors after pet “accidents”.
  • LMF Lip Balm is very nourishing and protective of lips, but also a wonderful balm for other dry cracked skin issues eg: heels - rub some balm into the heels. Also good for applying to cracked cuticles, bites, welts and small blisters.
  • LMF Insect Repellent can be used on dogs and horses by diluting 25% Insect Repellent to 75% water, or spray on your hands and then apply to the animal’s coat.


  • LMF Soaps act as a very economical shampoo bar – great also for beards and dreadlocks.
  • LMF Body & Hand Wash is a wonderful bubble bath - just pour a little under the hot running water.
  • LMF Shampoo is wonderful for the whole family and is even gentle enough to use on dogs, cats and horses.
  • Use LMF Conditioner as a leave in conditioner to help tame frizzy hair – just squeeze about 10 cent piece size into your palm and scrunch through the ends to keep hair conditioned and manageable.
  • Spray the Air Freshener in the toilet bowl before you go, the oil film helps to trap odours.
  • LMF Deodorants work really well because the antibacterial properties kill the bacteria and it is the bacteria which causes the odour.  Roll-on is perfect for underarms and soles of the feet.  Our Spray deodorant is excellent for those who prefer a spray, but additionally good for those with feet issues - spray onto the feet – soles and tops of toes, then rub in around the toes – does wonders for fungal problems.  A couple of sprays into shoes and boots works a treat also.