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Customer Reviews

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  1. I am a concreter and my hands get very dry and rough. When I tried the Lemon Myrtle Fragrance Moisturiser, I was converted - it is the only moisturiser that really helps my hands to feel normal.  Doug, Hunter Valley.
  2. Hi, one of my friends just brought back a bottle of your Air Freshener, and I am in looooove and if Santa brings me any extra cash for Xmas, #1 on my wish list of extravaganzas will be this. Thanks again and cheers. Livia, Brazil
  3. "We have been using the Lemon Myrtle product for some years now and have found them very soothing on the skin, especially Denise as she has always had to be very careful as to what product she bought. We LOVE IT." Bob and Denise
  4. " I use the insect repellent regularly in my area when I am gardening or walking and have no problem with mozzies and flies". Greg, Cambridge Park
  5. Department of Forestry NSW "Our workers prefer to use this natural spray on their skin and in areas where there are great numbers of insects use a combination, DEET on clothing and bags and Lemon Myrtle Natural Insect Protection on the skin".
  6. I am from Dubbo in Western NSW and during summer we have a lot of flies, I mean a lot!!! Especially if you go further West.  Can I say that your product holds up very, very good. I use it almost every time I have to work outside, and I have shared your product with work colleagues.  I love the fact that it is all natural and that lovely smell. Keep up the good work, Werner, Dubbo 
  7. "I was given the shampoo as a gift and since using in the shower my psoriasis has cleared up, I am buying some for myself and my daughter, who had dry skin/dandruff and this shampoo cleared up the scalp and left her hair soft and controllable". Rebecca, Forbes
  8. Hi Lemon Myrtle Fragrance team, just wanted to say thank you for my speedy and well packaged delivery. Opened the satchel bag and this wonderful lemony scent wafts through. Can stop smelling it. The parcel came just in time, as I used the last sliver of soap I had left this morning. Thank you again, very happy and definitely will order with you again. Kind Regards, Anna
  9. "Thank you so much for the products they arrived this morning.  That is some sort of record.  We have used your product before.  My daughter said it is the best shampoo she has ever used, and it even cleared up a rash that she had on her arms as a side effect, so to speak, just from the suds flowing down her arms." Liz