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Natural Lemon Myrtle Hand & Surface Sanitiser - 100mL

We cannot ship this product internationally.

This Sanitiser has a short expiry date of June 24. It is still safe and effective to use past this date!

With an organic sugarcane alcohol base, and the additional benefits of Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil, this antibacterial hand and surface spray will cleanse and sanitise your skin and hard surfaces. It kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria. Perfect for the home, bag or office. 


For Hands: When soap and water are not available, spray 3 times into the hands, and rub hands and fingers together until dry. To guard against the drying effects of sanitiser, use Natural Lemon Myrtle Moisturiser after sanitiser is dry. 

For Surfaces: Spray onto hard surfaces and wipe dry with paper towel. 


Find our full ingredients list here.

Discontinue use if any adverse reaction occurs and consult a physician immediately. Keep out of reach of children. 

Due to shipping restrictions, this sanitiser cannot be sent via Express Post, or internationally.

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Customer Reviews

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Jenny Moore
Safe Hands from nasty bacteria

A lovely economical product to use

Melody Howell
Hand and Surface Sanitiser

Love the smell. Will definitely buy again

Excellent product

Fresh fragrance & easy to use either as a spray & wipe or hand sanitiser. Love its versatility.

Margery K.

I love the Lemon Myrtle Fragrances range..
The AIR FRESHENER is gentle on the nose but still creates a fresh clean scent that’s so natural and no nasty chemicals - an essential thing to keep in mind when humans and fur-family are around.
The HAND & SURFACE SANITISER SPRAY leaves such a clean feel on surfaces or items you’ve sprayed (parcels from o/seas or bathroom surfaces) and the natural scent is gentle yet softly lingers leaving a sense that no germs are left behind after cleaning with it.
The LEMON MYRTLE OIL is 100% ESSENTIAL OIL and I love to add just a drop of two down a drainpipe or in the loo (or in the loo-brush holder) or wipe it over the set of scales in our bathroom *which I also spray with the “Hand & Surface Sanitiser” as well, to kill the germs (after bare feet have left behind icky marks) and this leaves the surfaces with a sparkly clean shine & a gentle clean scent.
Last but nowhere near least is the HAND SANITISER GEL which I love and have both used and recommended to family as an essential through COVID but of equal importance; to ensure - after cleaning bins, pet messes or other nasty objects in the home or post-gardening - that your hands are bacteria AND germ free, add a spot if this cooling soothing Lemon Myrtle gel and you can relax knowing your hands are thoroughly sanitised ... it evaporates in a moment so isn’t tacky or sticky at all, just fresh, clean and lightly fragrant..
Did I say I love this range of “LEMON MYRTLE FRAGRANCES” ❣️👌

Hi Margery,

Wow, thank you for taking the time to write this review, we really appreciate it!

These are all such good tips, I'm sure a lot of people will get some use out of all of them.

We are so happy to provide a range that you love!

Cheers, the Lemon Myrtle Fragrances team.