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Natural Lemon Myrtle Spice


We are proud to procure our superior 100% pure Lemon Myrtle Spice from industry pioneer Australian Native Products. Single origin, this Lemon Myrtle Spice is harvested from the rolling hills of the Northern Rivers, New South Wales. 

With a flavour profile of intense, but refreshing citrus notes Lemon Myrtle is commonly used to add a clean and crisp citrus-like flavour and fragrance to a wide range of culinary applications - both savoury and sweet. Rich in calcium, antioxidants, Vitamin E, zinc, magnesium and lutein makes Lemon Myrtle the natural Australian choice to add to any cuisine. 

Serving Suggestions: Perfect when added as a rub for meat, fish, chicken and full of flavour when blended into a curry or infused into steamed rice. Delicious addition to cakes and biscuits and makes a mouth-watering infusion in a cheesecake. Delightfully flavours a winter porridge. 

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