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Natural Lemon Myrtle Toothpaste - CDU 12 Tubes

NOW 150g; which lasts longer
New smaller opening; reduces waste

    More people are choosing a natural toothpaste which is an effective natural cleanser, reduces plaque, and assists in managing mouth conditions such as geographic tongue and gum issues.

    Perfect for the whole family, this natural toothpaste, with the antibacterial properties of Australian Lemon Myrtle 100% Essential Oil and boosted with Xylitol to help fight plaque and cavities, has a subtle lemon flavour with a hint of mint to leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh. 

    Our Bulk option of 12 tubes is a great way to stock up and save; at $10.83 a tube, instead of $12.95ea.

    Directions: For adults and children old enough to brush independently, use a pea sized amount of toothpaste (babies and younger children need only a rice grain size of toothpaste) and brush thoroughly at least twice a day. Rinse mouth well with water after brushing.

    Advice: Do not swallow. Store between 5-30ºC. Discard 12 months after opening.

    Not tested on animals, no Sodium Lauryl Sulphates, Parabens, Aluminium, Fluoride or artificial sweetener. 

    Find our full ingredients list here.

    Customer Reviews

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    Sue Smith
    12 tubes

    Recently purchased box of 12 tubes as I like clean feeling post brushing. Am finding it a challenge to squeeze the paste out so am very glad I don’t have arthritis in my hands. For this reason I preferred the old wider opening.

    Hi Sue,

    Thanks for the feedback! While we are pleased you enjoy the product and the feeling, perhaps you might be able to try unscrewing the cap, instead of opening the flip-top. There is a larger opening under the screw cap, which allows the paste to come out of the tube faster.

    I hope this tip helps, and thanks again for taking the time to let us know - we appreciate it!

    Cheers, the Lemon Myrtle Fragrances team