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5 go-to products to carry with you outside during the warmer months

November 01, 2021 3 min read

4 go-to products to carry with you outside during Springtime

Here in Australia, our summer season starts in December and goes right through until the end of February, but depending where you are, it can be pretty warm through much of Autumn and Spring as well. It's the time of the year where we have longer days, shorter nights, and people are outdoors socialising, exercising and relaxing! 

Australia's summer is characterised by sunny days and warmer nights. Jacarandas and wildflowers are in bloom, creating a spectacular display of colour throughout much of our country, and summer is also when we can get plenty of rain, and because of that, mosquitoes may find their way to you through stagnant water found near homes, in the flower pots, clogged gutters, unused buckets, tyres, fish ponds minus the fish, and swimming pools that haven't been given much attention by the pool man 🤽‍♂️😉. 

Not wanting to cause you distress, it's important to be aware that mosquito-borne diseases can cause life-threatening illness, and there are many simple things you can do to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes:

How to avoid mosquito bites:

  • Use an effective mosquito repellent, on all exposed skin.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes that cover your skin.
  • Try to limit outdoor activity when there are lots of mosquitoes about (usually dusk and dawn).
  • Take action to prevent mosquitoes breeding around your home.

We have two go-to products in four practical sizes, that will help protect you and your family against our flying, crawling, nibbling, biting little creatures, while giving you that refreshing and uplifting glow. 

Protection against insects, mozzies, sandflies, and more!

Here at Lemon Myrtle HQ, we have formulated these Insect, and Mozzie & Sandfly Repellents to give you up to 4 hours of protection, so you can enjoy your time outside with family and friends all spring and summer long!

  • Our repellents are FREE from DEET which is a harmful chemical that may affect some people with sensitive skin. Some of the negative DEET reactions for humans are itches, swelling or rashes. It can also cause eye irritations. 
  • Our repellents are very economical - just spray over exposed skin, a short burst of a squirt.
  • Lemon Myrtle Fragrances go-to products have a delightful aroma due to their Australian Native Oils, including our obvious favourite and the clear winner - Lemon Myrtle! 
  • They're also field-tested in the Australian Tropics for deterring mosquitoes and sandflies/biting midgies and repelling mosquitoes that may carry Dengue Fever and Ross River Virus. 

Check our repellents here for more information!

Natural Skin Care Solutions during warmer months!

Every day, our skin needs protection; protection from bacteria, inflammation, effects of the sun, all the little flying, crawling critters, and so many others.

Our Natural Lemon Myrtle Face & Body Mist provides a cooling and refreshing feeling when the sun's given you a cheeky pink glow, or when your skin's feeling tight after a day on the beach. It's the perfect (and very handy) "pick me up" to keep in your beach bag or handbag every day throughout spring and summer. Our hot tip is to have an extra bottle of it in the fridge, it's delightfully refreshing on warm nights when you're finding it hard to sleep! 

You can also pair it with our Natural Lemon Myrtle Lip Balm to smoothen your lips or even your dry elbows, knees, heels, and knuckles. When the wind and sun has given you chapped lips, our lip balm will be your soothing best friend ... the relief is immense when you put this one on your lips. 

Watch this video to learn how you can use our lip balm to heal your dry cracked heels.


Freshen up and protect yourself against bad odour while outside!

Hot and humid days could mean one problem to some - body odour! It's tricky especially if you're outside. But worry no more as we have a solution for you! Our Natural Lemon Myrtle Deodorant has all plant-derived ingredients with a mix of Eucalyptus and Lemon Myrtle for a great aroma and anti-bacterial affect which reduces under arm odour. It's also perfect for soles of the feet, too!

Want to try it? Check it out here!

We haven't forgotten your fur babies ~ here's something special for them, too, if you want to take them on your outdoor adventures!

If you want to take your dog along for the outing, our brand new Lemon Myrtle Dog Shampoo will ensure your pooches' fur and skin is clean, smelling fresh and silky soft while so that you can both enjoy a day out (with no stinky dog!) 

It's antibacterial and antifungal with the additional benefits of an organic aloe vera base and herbal extracts.

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