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Why switching to natural products is always a good idea

January 24, 2023 3 min read


Have you been on the fence about switching to natural products? There's never been a better time to make the switch. Natural products are more effective, safer and better for your health and our environment. Here's why:

  1. Natural products are always better than synthetic products because they're not created in a lab using chemical additives. 
  2. Typically, they're made from ingredients that have grown in nature, which is better for the environment. 
  3. Natural products can be gentler on the skin and naturally hydrating. 
  4. They're free of harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances that can cause damage and irritate sensitive skin, OR cause additional skin problems. 
  5. Synthetic-made products can contain chemicals which haven't been tested for long-term skin health. 
  6. Synthetic-made products may have been tested on animals (always to look for the logos (such as ours below) on packaging
  7. Natural products can contain naturally-derived anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing or anti-bacterial benefits due to the antioxidant compounds found in plants. 
  8. Natural products are biodegradable! 

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It's a green move.

So, now you've read the list above, let's talk more in-depth about why it's a good idea ... because we can’t emphasise this message enough ~ natural products are better for your health and the environment!

When you think of ways you can play your part for the environment, can you think of anything that makes more sense than buying natural products? Organic food? Locally made products? Green energy? Undoubtedly, natural products are always a better option than their chemically-derived counterparts.

They're good for your overall health!

When you go natural, it's not a case of choosing between conventional and organic. It's about choosing a more conscious, ethical approach to health.

Natural products that are made from plants are much better for your body than those products containing synthetic chemicals. Chemicals can contain harmful ingredients that can harm our health over time. With natural products, you are giving back to your body the natural chemicals it already has. Chemicals made in a lab can be foreign to our bodies and we should be selective about applying them to our skin - our bodies' largest organ. 

They're great for your skin.

Natural products are good for your skin. I know this is a bit of a statement, but it's true! Natural products can help keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. They're also super easy to find in stores these days—and they're usually cheaper than their synthetic counterparts too!

In on of our previous blog posts, we listed some ingredients that you need to avoid in your beauty products. You can read it here.


They're better for the environment.

You're probably already aware that some products are better for the environment. For example, if you're looking at cosmetics available in a big box store, you'll find a huge variety of products, many that contain harmful chemicals and preservatives. These chemicals can be absorbed into your body when they come into contact with it through shampoo or lotion. Other issues include manufacturing processes that create waste and emissions from transportation vehicles used to transport these products across the country (or even internationally).

By switching to naturally derived products made primarily from plants, instead of the mass-produced products such as those found in supermarkets, chain pharmacies and big box stores—you'll be helping reduce pollution while also caring for your skin and insides (think about that petroleum-based lip balm, when next you lick your lips!)

It's time to switch to natural products now!

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