New Products ready to go .......and go with you if you are travelling 0

This month we have New Extra Hydrating Face Moisturiser in a 75 ml Tube - why not give it a try. We found in the testing phase people liked the non greasy, easily absorbing formula that rejuvenates the face. Of course whatever product you use on the face can be used on the hands, feet and other parts of the body which makes this product great for targetting areas like heels and the back of hands for extra hydration.

We also have launched a New Natural Antibacterial Roll On Deodorant 75 ml aluminium free which smells great. 

Lemon Myrtle is included in our products at approved levels for cosmetic standards.

Lemon Myrtle Dakkah 0

Lemon Myrtle is an Australian Super Food and  is becoming more popular as a lemon flavour as you do not need to use much to succeed to create a spicy lemon flavour.

I like the Dakkah recipe from Pale Princess which has a good balance of nuts, spices and seeds.

This recipe call for ground powder which you can make easilty with Lemon Myrtle Tea using a grinder or mortat and pestle - you only need a tea spoon of the dried leaf and the flavour will be fresh. 




Natural Hair Colouring 0

One of the most popular methods for centuries has been the use of henna for hair colour.

I still use the powder I buy from the Indian Spice Shop. Leaves your hair healthy and shiny.

Henna is ground the plant. These stones have been used for a few hundred years, donkeys were originally used to push the stone wheel until the 1940s when electric motors were installed. Most of this henna is used in Iran and India. I like to think that I am buying some of this from the Indian Spice Shop.

Australian Botanical Soaps by the Soapman 0

We started the Soapman in early 2000s and have been providing customers with natural soap with Australian Botanical Essential Oils sourced from Australian Farms.

We have a new batch of soap which includes oils fresh from the farm gate.

All soaps can be used as a shampoo bar and are recommended by customers who have sensitive skin, psoriasis, excema and dermatitis.

Our soaps lather well, remain hard so the whole bar can be used, and does not leave a sticky film in the bathroom.

You can select from the range of boutique soaps;

Rosalina or Lavender Tea Tree - the natural habitat for Ericafolia is along the coasts of NSW. Our oil is made by farmers with plantations in the northern rivers. This is an exceptional tea tree oil that has a distinctive gentle aroma and is anti bacterial and anti fungal without killing of everything that is good on the skin.

Broadleaf Peppermint - Eucalyptus Dives comes from the original area for Eucalyptus farms established in the early 1900s. Plantation farming was almost stopped in Australia. We are lucky to have this oil produced by a long time farmer who uses a unique method of steam distillation. This is a great oil for cleansing and leaving your skin feel fresh.

Recommended for use by boaters, gardeners and mechanics.

Tea Tree or Melaleuca Alternafolia is a popular Australian Tea Tree essential oil which is a favourite for the pleasant aroma and cleansing properties.

Lemon Myrtle or Basckhousia Citrodoria essential oil is harvested on the original Lemon Myrtle Fragrances farm and has a unique aroma. Great for the whole family the spicy lemon is enduring and safe for sensitive skin. Of course lemon myrtle has strong anti bacterial and anti fungal qualities which assist in cleaning up minor irritations and skin problems.

Lemon Myrtle and Goats Milk Soap is preferred by many customers for an extra moisturising and a gentle wash.

Australiana Soap is a mixture of oils that results in a lasting aroma 





Newly harvested Lemon Myrtle Leaf cut 6 mm 0

We are a delicious aromatic leaf now available for customers.

Newly harvested cut lemon myrtle leaf available at 6 mm which is ideal for tea and can be ground for use as spice.

We are offering 50 gms for only $8.00 enough for at least 50 cups of tea and a larger size of 100 gms.

As soon as you open the packet you would be pleased with this high grade leaf.

Mix yoursself with your own favourite black or green tea, or have on its own, lemon myrtle tea has a great flavour which is not matched by other lemon aromatics.

Specials on Hair 0

New labels and new products are on schedule for November so we have a special on hair care. Two Shampoo and One Conditioner only $30.