Essential Lemon Myrtle Oil burning

Essential Lemon Myrtle Oil burning

Essential Lemon Myrtle Oil from Lemon Myrtle Fragrances has a very high citral content over 95% which is effective when burning in a little water.

Vapour can cleanse the air, refresh the bathroom, living areas, kitchen, sleeping areas and patio/verhandah. Visitors will leave with a lasting lemony memory. All natural room deodorizer.

 Lemon Myrtle Oil is versatile and can also be used in small quantities for cleaning you need only use what is required so the oil lasts and lasts.

 10 Drops in a 1 litre spray bottle

10 Drops in mops and buckets of water for the floor,

5 drops to the last rinse of linen and underwear in the washing machine.

5 Drops in the oil burner for room deodorizing.

We have specials on at the moment a free large white or black burner with every 50 ml Lemon Myrtle Oil. 

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  • Maria Pickles
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