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Why bar soap is BETTER!

June 06, 2022 3 min read

Why bar soap is better

Do you try a new soap or body wash with every purchase, or do you find a soap or body wash that you love, and stick with it? We're a mixed bag, us humans, and it's all down to personal preference how we buy things and why we choose what we do. For those of us who like to know that what we're putting on our skin is NATURAL, won't dry it out, smells invigorating (or calming, relaxing etc) and helps our skin glow, we know that some soaps are great for us, but not for other family members, so knowing what we love, and what benefits our skin, is vital when choosing soap for the whole family (which is why our mixed boxes of 24 are such a great idea!)

What is soap?

Did you know that most of the soaps we know today don't actually meet the Food and Drug Administration's global definition of soap? As stated in The Healthy's website, "soap must combine fats or oils with an alkali such as lye." BUT, almost all of the soaps on the market are made from synthetic ingredients. Yikes!

Note that we stated ALMOST ALL because with our The SoapMan Soaps and Lemon Myrtle Fragrances Soaps, they're naturally-made with ingredients sourced from farms all over Australia, are suitable for everyday use for hands, body and also as a shampoo, beard and dreadlock bar. By using our soaps, you're not only protecting and keeping your and your family's skin HEALTHY, while also protecting the environment. For the full ingredients, you can check out this page.


Bar soap OR liquid soap?

Traditionally, if you want to hydrate your skin while keeping the germs away, you might have chosen a liquid soap. That is because some bar soaps have a high pH level, which according to Dr. Burns, MD, "can cause your skin to dehydrate and dry out more easily." 

However, that is NOT the case with natural soaps like our The SoapMan soaps! They're made from Australian Native Essential Oils that moisturise the skin, providing a natural and gentle antibacterial cleanser that won't wash away your natural oils and bacteria which needs to live on the skin. Try it, experience it, and be amazed by its positive effects! Learn why our customers love our products here!

Additionally, if you want cleaner ingredients, go for bar soaps! REMEMBER that it's so easy for chemicals to enter your bloodstream, so make sure that you're using natural and safe-for-the-skin soaps. If you have allergies, make sure that you read the labels, and look out for the words "fragrance" or "parfum" on the ingredients list, as they can trigger your allergies. 

Good ingredients for your soap include glycerine - cleanser, and essential or skin-safe fragrance oils and natural colourants (optional). 

Bar soaps for those with skin problems

If you suffer with eczema or other common skin problems, bar soaps are far better to use than liquid soaps, because bar soaps contain glycerin, which is great for people with sensitive skin. Also, bar soaps are more often fragrance-free, compared to liquid soaps.

The bottom line is, whether you love liquid soap or bar soap more, both are great for keeping germs and bacteria from contaminating your skin. You just have to remember to ALWAYS wash your hands with soap and water, and don't put your hands on your eyes, mouth, and nose if you haven't washed them yet. Safety is a MUST! Grab our The Soapman soap in CDU of 24 now and SAVE!!! Shop here!

p.s. If you want to use liquid soap, check out number 3. on this page! (so awesome!!)