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New Natural Tropical Strength Insect Repellent

New Natural Tropical Strength Insect Repellent 0

Peak Mozzie Season Now!

Lemon Myrtle Fragrances have produced long lasting, plant based insect repellents DEET free, scientifically proven to be effective and approved by the Australian Pesticide and Vetrinary Management Authority ( APVMA).

Natural Tropical Strength Mossie and Sandfly Repellent provides protection for all recreational activities, like sport,walking, cycling, climbing, camping, fishing, and golfing.

Effective in deterring biting insects.

Approved by APVMA 84234/109924

Made in Australia

DEET free and kind to skin

Unique plant based formulas in 2 sizes – 250 ml and handy 125 ml


Help us choose colours for the New Insect Repellents coming soon

Help us choose colours for the New Insect Repellents coming soon 4

Do colours of products mean anything to you when making a purchase?

There are many studies that attribute colour preferences to a range of emotions, like Yellow which is a popular colour is matched with the emotions of warmth, comfort and  best buy, however it is more likely that colours influence decisions based on how appropriate they are for the product or trend.

I like the matrix from Jennifer Aaker, Psychologist and Stanford professor who conducted studies on this very topic, and her paper titled “Dimensions of Brand Personality” she identified five core dimensions that play a role in a brand’s personality.

 colour matrix

We used this matrix to draw up some draft labels for our new Insect Repellents which we hope to be launching soon. We chose mainly yellow and Greens, however have thrown in an Orangey Green in the mix.

We are asking customers to let us know what colours they prefer out of the four, and any suggestions for colours not included.

This will help us get ready for the long awaited new natural insect repellents we have been working on for the last 2 years.

So if you can help us out by sending us a message we would appreciate your input.

Which colour do you prefer for Insect Repellent Number 1 or Number 2?

1        natural insect repellent draft label




2      green flouro insect repellent label        


       Which colours do you like for the Mozzie and Sandfly Repellent?

Number 3 or Number 4?


  1. Mozzie and Sandfly Repellent Label

4. Draft Mozzie and Sandfly Repellent Label

Now you can send us a message here- saying which numbers you prefer and any other feedback.

 With thanks

Maria and Michael